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Technical support

Our highly qualified technical support team is prepared to provide accurate answers to any questions or doubts that may arise. We provide on-site support, can meet you at your office or accompany you to business meetings where IPS’s support may facilitate the definition of the layout project.

Hydraulic test (*)

Free hydraulic testing with up to 20kg/cm2 equipment for layouts carried out in its entirety with the IPS Fusion System. This test must be performed while the layout is in the open (visible).

50-Year warranty certificate

IPS backs the quality and useful life of our products for 50 years with a written warranty certificate that exclusively limited to manufacturing flaws and/ or raw material defects. This warranty will apply as long as the installation work has been carried out in its entirety with IPS Fusion, IPS Drainage and IPS GAS products, as necessary.

See IPS product Warranty

Free detailing, calculations, cost estimates and technical advice

We will help you design the preliminary water supply and drainage layout plans, and assist you with the detailing, calculations and cost estimates of the materials necessary for your project. All you have to do is contact and send a copy of the plans to one of our technical support team members.

Training for installation contractors

Knowledge of our product’s correct installation methods will optimize installation times and costs, which translated to better service for your clients. To achieve this goal, we offer training and continued education services presented by our own IPS technical staff.

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